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Belarusian Premier League plays on despite Covid-19 threat




Belarusian Premier League plays on despite Covid-19 threat

Belarusian Premier League plays on despite Covid-19 threat
Although all the soccer leagues in Europe are closed down due to the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, the Belarusian Premier League is the only professional football league that is currently being played in the Europe. The league is organised by the Belarusian Football Federation.
To keep the spread of virus in check, the authorities have installed sufficient number of thermal-imaging cameras outside the Dynamo Brest’s Stadium to identify the visitors showing any signs of fever.
Smolevichi and its opponent Brest gave hygiene advice to everyone and also suggested everyone to wash their hands with soap and to avoid hugging. Also the health ministry decided to disinfect the stadium twice daily.
On the other hand, the opening game of BPL would be followed by a series of games on saturday and Sunday. Surprisingly , no restrictions were imposed on fans who are coming to watch the league.
The sport governing body ABFF in Belarus had seen other European leagues taking measures against Covid-19 i.e. to play the games behind closed doors and to cancel or postpone the leagues entirely.
As of now, Belarus has not yet implemented any severe measures even though it has recorded 81 positive cases of pandemic coronavirus and of course zero deaths till date.
In an interview, Vladimir Bazanov, the head of ABFF said that, since there is no any critical emergency declared in the state, they decided to start the championship in a timely manner. In fact, all the other leagues in the continent and around the world have shut their doors by considering the safety of the players and their fans, Belarus taking such a daring step in the middle of the outbreak astounds everyone.
The last dictator in Europe, Aleksandr Lukashenko, also the president of Belarus, advised citizens to observe social distancing and termed the virus as Psychosis. He suggested Vodka, Saunas and working in the farm as potential cures.
Aleksandr Hleb, one of the greatest players of Belarus wrote, “Since the Presidential Administration does not see the real need to quarantine in the country, the situation is under control. If there is a real threat to the health of the players, the health of the audience, I’m sure the matches will stop”.

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All You Need to Know About Insurances!




Insurance is a way to protect yourself or your belongings from a financial loss, damage, or injuries that may occur due to unexpected catastrophes. It is basically buying a risk from a person in return for some initial money, called Premium, and spread the risk around a community. This makes the person insured and less burdened, free from tension, or fear of loss so that he can go about making more wealth.

What is Insurance?

Let us consider an example. Tom is a man possessing a super expensive car, and he is always afraid that the vehicle may get damaged from an accident or stolen. He is worried so that he approaches a friend Harry to seek help. He proposes that he pay an amount of 10,000 rupees to Harry as Premium, and when his car is actually met with a catastrophe, Harry has to buy Tom another car of the same model. Now, harry may go on to carry out the same proposal to another set of people, pooling the Premium, so that when one of then actually loses their car, he can buy them a new one from the pooled funds.

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In the above example, tom has to sign a contract that contains the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. He s called an insured or Policyholder. Harry, who transfers the risk is called the insurer or underwriter and may belong to an insurance company or insurance carrier.

Insurance has its roots in waterways trading. Early Chinese and Babylonian sea merchants used to insure their ships and goods against shipping risks like mid-way pirate attack or damage due to bad weather.

Modern insurances rose when the great city of London caught fire in 1666. It had ravaged about 13,000 homes. That was when the architect Sir Christopher Wren included an ‘Insurance Office’ in his plan of rebuilding.

The Lloyds of London actually emerged from a coffee shop in London where many merchants, sea traders, and business people hung out. While discussing their businesses, the idea of modern-day insurance came into play.

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Types of Insurances

  1. Auto Insurance

It is a type of insurance where a vehicle is insured against a loss. Its coverage includes traffic collision, bodily injury or property damage, cost of treatment of the driver and passengers due to injuries.

  1. Health insurance.

This type of insurance also contains dental insurance. It deals with policies that cover the cost of medical treatments. In many countries, it is a part of the employer’s benefits.

  1. Income Protection Insurance

This insurance is the kind of coverage given to people who suddenly become disabled and cannot work anymore due to any reason. In order to sustain their income, Disability insurance policies provide monthly support to help pay for the necessary needs as usual.

It is of two types: short-term, in case he recovers sooner, and long term.

  1. Casualty Insurance
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This insurance is against accidents (natural or human-made) and not pertaining to any specific object or person. It has a broad spectrum.

  1. Life insurance

It provides a monetary benefit to the deceased person’s family in either lump sum or annually.

  1. Property Insurance

This kind of insurance provides insurance against property against risks like fire, weather, theft, or natural calamity.

Why is Insurance Necessary?

If you own any property like a home or ground or a vehicle, you are obviously prone to be worried about their safety. Or are you a businessman holding a large corporate?

Insurance provides you safety for repairs and replacement of any damage that is covered in your policy for your home. Vehicles are safe against theft, damage from perils like fire and water. To maintain your current standards even after an unexpected catastrophe, health care cost, provide for your family after your death, insured vacations, etc.

Take an insurance policy today and lead a safe and secure life!

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Post COVID-19 World Scenario- What to Expect?




The deadly virus that brought the pandemic has attacked about 6 million people and took the lives of 380,000 across the globe. Of course, the economy has slid down invariably too many countries, but there is also a positive side to the pandemic. Interesting huh?

Pure air and potable Ganges water

Across the globe, at various parts like Delhi, Los Angeles, where pollution had been once thick. People could now finally see the blue sky clearly without the smog due to the lockdown.

Though this is the wrong time to think about such things, we could finally learn the problems of dirty fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas. At this rate, the skies would become clearer and the air cleaner.

The significant change that even the Ganga Action Play (GAP) has struggled to bring has occurred naturally with the lockdown. The water from the Ganges is once again pure to drink!

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How has this happened?

The emission rates have reduced accounting to the lockdown that is persisting through most parts of the world. As a result, air pollution has decreased, though temporarily. The change “likely saved twenty times more lives in China than have currently been lost directly due to infection with the virus in that country,” Says a researcher from earth system science at Stanford University. Though this is a very approximate calculation, it helps us better understand the death of the fossil fuel industry.

Climate Change

Apart from smog, greenhouse emissions have been reduced too, especially carbon dioxide emission has dropped by 8%, owing to a climatic balance.

Living beings Resurface

Critically endangered, South Asian River Dolphins are resurfacing on the Ganges after nearly 30 years.

Many thousands of flamingos have gathered in the city of Navi Mumbai.due to the lockdown and travel restrictions, the number of migrant guests has increased manifold this year.

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Better vegetation has been achieved due to the availability of clean water and air, and less litter as result vegetation with major cover and quality are thriving.

However, we should keep in mind that this global pandemic is not putting an end to global warming or pollution. It just brings it under slight control, which with our expertise, should sustain well.

This can be possible only with global cooperation with carbon pricing, stricter government regulation of fossil fuel industries.

Pure air, crystal skies, shining starts, tasty food, flocking birds, and green parks are possible in both cities and rural areas invariably with such measures.

The future?

It is, however, unlikely that the same scenario would prevail. There is always the danger of people flooding into streets with vehicles and industries opening to pull up the fall down of our economy. If that would become the scenario, all the small changes that we have got would become futile.

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It is all in the hands of our government and people that have to do the necessary planning and continue the ‘Unlock’ step by step.

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When Is The Next Full Moon Appear? How To Watch Full Moon?”Strawberry Moon” And Lunar Eclipse Happens On June 5



Catch The Strawberry Moon On June 5

Please keep your eyes to the sky on June 5, 2020, because the atmosphere will be given us the biggest show on Friday of this month. This Friday, we can see the Full Moon, which will appear in the sky, and it is named as a “strawberry” moon. some places in this world called this strawberry moon as a”penumbral lunar eclipse.”

Catch The Strawberry Moon On June 5

Reason Behind The Name Of Full Moon

The 6th full moon of this year will be in front of us very soon, every year we can see 12 full moons, which means every month we can see on the full moon, this time on June 5 Biggest moon will appear on dusk and dawn. June month full moon named as the “Strawberry Moon,” because it was the time for harvest strawberry in America. So, the old farmers decided the name.

What Is Lunar Eclipse:

Three main kinds of Lunar Eclipses are total, partial, and penumbral is occur when the full moon happens. In this full moon time, a lunar eclipse occurs only when the moon directly opposite to the Sun. And it was more potent than the previous one.

Time And Duration Of Strawberry Moon And Lunar Eclipse:

Our country will observe this lunar eclipse from June 5, 11.15 PM, and it will continue till June 6, 02.34 AM. And maximum eclipse will be apparent on June 6, 12.54 AM. And this Strawberry Moon. This full moon is expected to last for three hours and 18 minutes.

Catch The Strawberry Moon On June 5

This year the biggest Moon “Strawberry Moon” and penumbral lunar eclipse will happen on June 5. this time, we experience this full moon for two days, and it shins from the dusk and dawn on June 4 and 5, 2020. This time it will not be available for many Americans.

When Will Be Solar Eclipse Visible To Us:

And This solar eclipse will occur after two weeks from the lunar eclipse, and This time Total Solar Eclipse will happen on June 21. This solar eclipse will be visible to the nearest places and in the South/East Europe, Asia, Northern Australia, Africa, the Pacific Ocean.

Catch The Strawberry Moon On June 5

Traditional Beliefs About This Eclipse

People should follow the precautions when the solar or lunar eclipse appeared. If you want to see this lunar eclipse, you can see it directly with your eyes and do not need to use special glasses for this.

Many traditional beliefs are attached to this type of eclipse, and there is no scientific proof. Still, we follow many conventional ideas, such as it strongly affects the body cycle, and it indicates harm for pregnant ladies, and we believe it shows the effect on many more.

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