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Stephen Bannon got Arrested for Fraud Scam over Mexico Wall Funds



With fraud, over border wall party, Stephen Bannon charged

WASHINGTON — Stephen K. Bannon has been charged on Thursday in New York with fraud for his part in the online fundraising scheme, we build the wall, which raised $25, and he guided the 2016 campaign of President Trump in his final months. Bannon becomes the seventh prominent Trump partner charged with a federal crime with the indictment, which takes place less than three months before the November election.

Bannon, 66, was Trump’s President’s CEO and an ideological architect of his population vision. Breitbart News‘s former Leader helped Trump to build his appeal among the extreme right, which frequently led to charges of racism and conspiracy, and he was a leading supporter of administrative efforts to prohibit travel from a group of Muslim majority countries in the White House. Yet Bannon was a tumultuous government stay. Opponents accused him of frequently leaking into the media with trying to eradicate the administration’s “deep states” opponents. At the same time, coverage suggests that he used the excessive influence to manipulate Trump quickly.

In the heat of the firestorm over Trump’s handling of the violence that broke out in Charlottesville, Bannon was pushed away just seven months. Bannon praised Trump’s policy of expressing support for several demonstrators who protested against the demolition of Confederate monuments that marched with Nazi chanters.

The Federal prosecutors in New York on Thursday charged StephenK. Bannon, former Chief Strategist of President Trump and three other men with an online crowd fundraising campaign that was advertised to raise money to build a wall at the United States border with Mexico in a frozen fashion. They allegedly refrained hundreds of thousands of donors.

According to an indictment unsealed by the federal prosecutors in Manhattan, Bannon and three associates have diverted hundreds of thousands of dollars from the group, partly using the money to cover personal expenses. All four men were arrested on Thursday morning and are due to appear later in the day before the Federal Court, officials said. The federal court in New York will hear Bannon, 66.

Federal prosecutors have consistently claimed to supporters that 100% of the money raised is used to create the wall, but the statements are false. Kolfage, Badolato, and Bannon supported the assertions that donors were encouraged to donate if all the funding was thought to be directed into wall building.

According to a U.S. attorney’s spokeswoman, Bannon was arrested Thursday morning. The lawyer of Bannon did not answer the request for comments immediately. According to the US prosecutor’s office, Bannon will make his first trial at New York later Thursday.

Bannon, Kolfage, Andrew Badolato & Timothy Shea have been convicted of one count of wire fraud conspiracy and one count of money laundering conspiracies. As alleged, the defendants defrauded hundreds of thousands of donors by capitalizing upon their interest in raising millions of dollars to fund the border wall, on the falsified assumption that all the money was to be spent on the building. While the donors have consistently guaranteed that a hundred will not be paid to the founder and public figure of We Build the wall, the defendants secretly spent hundreds of thousands to Kolfage, which they used to fund their luxurious lifestyle.

The prosecution stated that, inter alia, they fake invoices and shameful “seller” arrangements to hide what happened. We build the wall initially supported a 3-mile fence project in South Texas eventually designed and primarily financed by Fisher Industries with funding for wall contracts of about $2 billion. Fisher, Chief Executive Officer, has not received calls.

“Some of these donors wrote straight to Kolfage that they didn’t have much money or skepticism online campaigns, but gave what they could because they confident Kolfage kept their word on how they would spend their donations,” the indictment said.

After showing signs of erosion, Trump recently reported that this part of the wall “was only made to make me look awkward,” although his supporters had built it. Before becoming chief executive director of the Trump Campaign, Bannon led the conservative Breitbart News in its critical end months, when he pushed for a bruised earth strategy that highlighted the story of ex-chairman Bill Clinton. He worked in the tumultuous first few months of Trump’s presidency as a chief strategist after the victory.

Before becoming a Hollywood actor, Bannon, who served in the Navy and worked as an investment banker in Goldman Sachs, operated a “War Room.” This was started during the Presidents’ prosecution and continued throughout the pandemic.

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Scankart: No More Waiting at Store Checkout-lines




Imagine picking up things for a party at the last moment and now, you have to deal with a never-ending checkout line until you get to the counter. As the host, you wouldn’t wanna keep the guests waiting, do you?

What if we said you don’t have to deal with the checkout lines and waiting anymore? YES!! All this would be possible using the Scankart App.

Scankart is here to totally transform your shopping experience. From your favorite grocery stores, book stores to restaurants, and retail fashion stores, Scankart App enables users to self-checkout at all major retail chains across India. These days the usual waiting time at the checkout is a lot, but by using Scankart App the user can pick up the item scan the product, pay in the app, and can just leave the store by eliminating waiting at the queue lines. The App will also help the user in finding the right and genuine products across their nearby stores and also gives the user choice of payment wherein most of the retail stores mostly accept card or cash. What makes Scankart unique is it not allows you to do in-app purchases at stores but also lets you order your meal and customize it before you go to a restaurant. By eliminating checkout lines and waiting time Scankart App aims to save time and money of the user at zero cost.

Sreeroop Achanta – CEO Sacnkart App

Scankart is a wonderful byproduct of the thoughts of a group of IT enthusiasts based in Hyderabad. the CEO of Scankart App Mr. Sreeroop Achanta and the team has finished the design and development of the app and has raised an undisclosed amount from an angel investor. The Violet Sky Technologies Pvt Ltd aims to launch the App in the market by early October for android and IOS.

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Starbucks location just revealed the PSL return date Leaked



Starbucks location just revealed the PSL return date LeakedStarbucks location just revealed the PSL return date

The PSL’s committed Followers has made a yearly intensity for when the beverage will return. To cause fans to remain alert, Starbucks has kept on moving the beverage’s introduction throughout the years. Indeed, the latte’s authentic dispatch date has been rehashed once since 2011, as per Business Insider. However, if you keep individuals speculating, they will figure, and consistently, the arrival date appears to get spilled before Starbucks gives everything away. For instance, a year ago, we distributed the reputed spill day of August 27 on August 15—and the leakers were correct.

For 2020, to acquire old blood and gore film figures of speech, the release seems, by all accounts, to be originating from inside the house! Recently, Instagram, representing Starbucks of Yosemite and Tozer situated in Madera, California, posted a pic of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Flavored Sauce. The inscription: “Who is energized for the Pumpkin Spice dispatch!! Coming August 28!! Write in your schedules!!”

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Did this Yosemite and Tozer branch denounce any authority and give everything away (and pumpkin) on the PSL delivery date? All things considered, as indicated by the store’s Instagram page (which isn’t confirmed), they just opened around a month and a half back—which means possibly they’re not up to speed on PSL convention. It unquestionably can’t be simple for Starbucks corporate to keep around 15,000 American areas all in line!

Talking about which, the Starbucks home office wouldn’t affirm whether the date was exact when gone after the remark.  “Upon its arrival, the PSL will be accessible for fall fans throughout the entire season. We’ll make certain to tell you when we have more subtleties to share.” simultaneously, notwithstanding, Starbucks didn’t offer such a forswearing.

So until further notice, August 28 would appear the best informal theory. As referenced above, a year ago, PSLs returned on August 27, and in 2018, PSLs were back on August 28, so the planning feels right.

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Notwithstanding, when Pumpkin Spice Lattes return 2020 will be a one of a kind year for the occasional treat as the COVID-19 pandemic proceeds over the U.S., So I likewise inquired as to whether they had any designs to forestall such a PSL surge from sabotaging the organization’s coronavirus endeavors.

“Concerning measures set up for when that day comes, Starbucks has now mindfully resumed more than 90 percent of our organization’s work stores over the U.S. under altered tasks and hours. We have adjusted security conventions, and our objective is to surpass the principles laid out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a protected encounter, including increased accentuation on cleaning and purifying conventions in our stores. Starbucks additionally expects clients to wear facial covers while visiting all bistro areas. In light of a development of government commands expecting people to wear facial covers while in broad daylight, and direction from the CDC and other general wellbeing authorities,” a representative let me know. “Clients have different alternatives to request and pick up their preferred fall drinks, including requesting at the drive-through, curbside pickup through the Starbucks application, or submitting a request for conveyance through Starbucks Delivers.”

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Finally, if you truly need to remain socially-separated, that is, not go to a Starbucks shop by any means. At the beginning of today, the brand reported its rundown of new and returning occasional items showing up in markets for home utilization: New this year are Starbucks Maple Pecan Flavored K-Cups and Roast and Ground Coffee, Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha Flavored Creamer, and two new kinds of Teavana Tea Sachets: Spiced Apple Cider and Lemon Ginger Bliss. The returning choices are Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Flavored Creamer, Pumpkin Spice Flavored K-Cups and Roast and Ground Coffee, VIA Instant Pumpkin Spice Flavored Latte, and Starbucks Ready-to-Drink Iced Espresso Classics Pumpkin Spice Flavored Latte.

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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Release Date, Plot, Cast And More




The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4

One of the best examples of a Dystopian tragedy drama thriller genre is The Handmaid’s Tale. The story of this web series is derived from the novel of the same name. The show depicts the story of June Osborne, who tries to escape from her husband and child but gets caught. The fan base of the show is increasing with every season. And now, we all are waiting for the fourth season. Here are the details of The Handmaid’s Tale season 4 regarding its release date, cast, plot, and more.

Will there be a season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale?

Yes, the makers of the series, The handmaid’s tale, officially announced the renewal of the fourth season. Makers surprised the fans of The Handmaid’s Tale by pasting the news of the renewal of the fourth season just after the previous season finale.

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If Yes, When will it release?

The first two seasons of the show were released consequently in April 2017 and April 2018. But the third season takes a little longer time; it was released in June 2019. And as it was heard that the fourth season could take more time to release than the third season, then everyone was expecting the release of the fourth season in late 2020. But due to the Covid-19, the production has been paused. And now we are expecting The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 release in the mid of 2021.The Handmaid’s Tale release

Who will be a part of the show?

We may see several characters from the previous season in the upcoming season. Miller stated that It will always be the story of June. So, Elizabeth Moss, as June is definitely going to be a part of season 4. Additionally, we can see the other major characters from the previous season with some new faces. However, there are no official announcements heard from the makers about who all are going to be the part of season 4.

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What is the Storyline of the Show The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4?

The story of The Handmaid’s Tale revolves around a totalitarian society at the time of the Second Americal Civil war. The Handmaids, the fertile women, were forced for child-bearing slavery. The makers did not reveal much about the storyline of season 4. But it is expected that the season is going to bring something new for the audience while being connected to the original source of the story. You can watch the previous three seasons of the show until the fourth one premiers.

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