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Westworld Season 3 Episode 7 Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Story




Westworld Season 3

Westworld Season 3 is “an entirely different world.” Here is the thing that we think about the season alongside news and surveys.

Savage joys may have vicious closures, yet Westworld’s temptations are in no peril of being cut off from their source, much after a prematurely ended robot-end of the world in the recreation center of dreams transformed it into a bad idea. Which is cheerful news for us, cattle rustler? Westworld Season 3 was affirmed right on time during the subsequent season’s run. What’s more, presently it’s here!

Westworld is embracing a very new search for season 3 with massive throwing changes and a significant setting movement. Here is all that we think about Westworld season 3.

Westworld Season 3 Release Date

Next up for Westworld season 3 is scene 7 “Passed Pawn,” which will Release on April 26 at 9 p.m. ET. Here is the rundown per HBO:

A genuine companion is one who strolls in when the remainder of the world exits.

Westworld Season 3 Episode 1: Parce Domine

Taking residence in neo-Los Angeles, Dolores develops a relationship with Caleb, and comes to learn how artificial beings are treated in the real world.

Release date: 3/15/20

Westworld Season 3 Episode 2: The Winter Line

People put up a lot of walls. Bring a sledgehammer to your life.

Release date: 3/22/20

Westworld Season 3 Episode 3: The Absence of Field

Some do not like what they see in the mirror but shouldn’t blame the mirror.

Release date: 3/29/20

Westworld Season 3 Episode 4: The Mother of Exiles

The truth doesn’t always set one free.

Release date: 4/5/20

Westworld Season 3 Episode 5: Genre

Just say no.

Release date: 4/12/20

Westworld Season 3 Episode 6: Decoherence

Do a lot of people tell you that you need therapy?

Release date: 4/19/20

Westworld Season 3 Episode 7: Passed Pawn

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

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Release date: 4/26/20

Westworld Season 3 Episode 8: Crisis Theory

Time to face the music.

Release date: 5/3/20

Westworld Season 3 Poster

HBO has uncovered dazzling new key craftsmanship for Westworld season 3. In it, we see a crumbled robot on the edges of what is by all accounts the “genuine” world. The choice isn’t free, the banner guarantees.

Westworld Season 3 Trailer

The most recent Westworld season 3 trailer contains the discharge date declaration, yet besides the semi-extensive course of events of the Westworld… world. As indicated by Westworld, some good stuff will go down in our not so distant future.

“What’s to come is fueled by you… and we know you,” says a voice in a frightening new corporate promotion for Westworld season 3. “With Incite, the main decision you’ll need to make is us.”

Directly before the Game of Thrones Season 8 finale circulated, HBO uncovered the first Westworld Season 3 trailer, set to Pink Floyd’s “Cerebrum Damage.” If you didn’t see, we’re no longer in Sweetwater, Toto.

Westworld Season 3 Cast

The most web waves-production throwing for season 3 has been Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul getting give a role as an arrangement usual. Offering the opportunity to help lead a “repilot” for season 3, Paul plays a baffled killjoy living in this present show’s form of things to come. Maybe this is the reason we know he’s a hoodlum in his reality. However, he may become something more when he grabs the attention of Dolores.

Lena Waithe (The Chi) will show up in Westworld Season 3 too. It’s obscure what job she will play, yet it’s relied upon to include the approaching clash between robots/hosts and humankind. French on-screen character Vincent Cassel (Irreversible, Black Swan, Ocean’s Thirteen) is additionally thrown in a difficult job that is credited for every one of the ten scenes.

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With the destiny of such a significant number of the primary cast individuals’ characters open to question come to the finish of Season 2, Westworld could do a considerable reset in Season 3. In any case, Paul is credited with showing up in every one of the ten scenes of season 3. What’s more, Evan Rachel Wood, Tessa Thompson, Thandie Newton, and Jeffrey Wright will all assume significant jobs. Additionally, maybe shockingly given the subsequent season finishing, Ed Harris’ Man in Black will likewise be returning, as will Katja Herbers as his little girl (or possibly a copy of her since, well, you know… .).

Scott Mescudi and Marshawn Lynch additionally have vital job.

Westworld Season 3 Story

As you’ve just accumulated from the Westworld Season 3 trailer, we are in an “entirely different world.” This is not amazement however, since Westworld showrunners Joy and Jonathan Nolan plunked down with The Hollywood Reporter back during the finish of the subsequent season to state that season 3 would offer the chance to investigate the point of view of animal groups with a nearly interminable life expectancy. By then, characters can begin pondering things in the range of ages rather than years.

“I believe it’s an extreme move,” Nolan said. “What’s convincing and engaging about these characters is that they’re not human. As we said in the show, people are limited by similar circles the hosts are, here and there significantly littler. You were unable to anticipate that human characters should withstand and endure the sort of story that we’re telling. The hosts have an alternate variant of mortality, an alternate viewpoint. I think obviously with Dolores, as she’s spread out, there is a more expansive view here, a bigger arrangement of objectives. They’re existential. They length ages.”

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This connects to our past speculations about season 3 conceivably extending its courses of events to incorporate occasions hundreds, if not thousands, of years later. This was alluded to during the post-credits scene of the period 2 finale. Satisfaction similarly calls season 3 a chance to “repilot” the arrangement, and that incorporates the new heading taken by Tessa Thompson’s character.

In the season 2 finale, Thompson’s Charlotte Hale was slaughtered with outrageous bias by Dolores, who had then accepted her look. However, before the finish of season 2, Dolores returns in a model dependent on her unique body, and the Charlotte Hale clone played by Thompson was a secret character. Happiness additionally addressed what that could resemble in season 3.

Says Joy, “So we generally realized that we would do this uncover and let her venture into this new job. We have an exceptionally merciless circular segment for her arranged out. Some portion of the good time for the character will act acknowledgment naturally. She will understand the things we think about what her identity is.”

Furthermore, in case you’re pondering whether Westworld will go full Lost on us, Joy likewise tried to nix that idea in a later meeting:

“We have an ending in mind; we’ve had it from the pilot. It’s very emotional, I think. I can’t tell you exactly when that ending will come… but I think for every season what we try to do is tell a chapter of the story that gives you closure and then opens a door to a new chapter…The overarching question of the series is, what will become of this new lifeform? So I feel it would be irresponsible to not have an end goal in mind.”

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Dil Hi Toh Hai Season 3 Review: Emotional moves will make you fall in love with the Series




Dil Hi Toh Hai Season 3 Review: Emotional moves will make you fall in love with the Series

Dil Hi Toh Hai Season 3 is a romantic Drama created and produced by Ekta Kapoor under Balaji Telefilms banner. This love flick airs on Sony TV and ALT Balaji. The previous seasons of Dil Hi Toh Hai might have satisfied you in playing the love drama successfully.  The journey of a loving family of Noons is back to screen the third season of Dil Hi Toh Hai. Karan Kundrra and Yogita Bihani will appear in the lead roles. The wait for the most awaited season of Dil Hi Toh Hai season has now come to an end. The new season is currently airing on ALT Balaji.

Dil Hi Toh Hai Season 2 ended with a sad tale(accident), and the fans were in huge depression if Ritwik and Palak will unite after their recovery or not. While season 3 will start with the picture of 2 years, post-Ritwik and Palak’s major accident. The makers of the Dil Hi Toh Hai have pictured the overview of Season 1 and Season 2 for those people who missed the continuity. It might be boredom to those who are much familiar with Dil Hi Toh Hai seasons. However, it will be like a recall of the love-hate relationship between Ritwik and Palak. The most dangerous accident drove Ritwik to Coma, while Palak left heartbroken. Here come the emotional moves which will make you feel deep from the heart and make you connect with the story. The scenes will memorize your love story and make you feel the value of missing them.

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Palak’s role in this season seems much more comprehensive and sensitive. She focuses on the responsibility of her daughters and the Noon family, also Ritwik’s health condition. On the other hand, the business deals of noons were recovering back. With Vikrant’s help, the dynamic lady, Reeva puts her efforts to take the business ahead. Vikrant’s move into the life of Noons is a kind of blessing to the family and his marriage with Palak to favor the family. With this move, Palak’s daughter will have a father to rely upon his shoulder. So there establishes a father and daughter relationship in the Noons family.

The background score of this season seems to match the emotional scenes. The review might not portray the clear evidence of scenes added in the Dil Hi Toh Hai Season 3. So watch the show and experience the emotional scenes & romantic clicks pictured in this season.

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El Dragón Season 3 Release Date, Cast, and Story line




El-Dragón El Regreso de un Guerrero

The Spanish series ‘El Dragon- The Return Of The Warrior’ made a blast at the box office and was loved by the audience for its Storyline. The first season was released on 19th September 2019, and it has caught the attention f the audience since then due to the suspense created by its creator Arturo Parez by giving a twist at the end of each season.

After the Successful release of the second season, fans are all excited to hear about the next season’s out. Well, here are a few answers to your questions, dear fans.

Will there be a Third Season?

Who would not think of releasing another season after achieving such high TRP’s for the Show? Not that there has been any confirmation yet, but we are expecting to hear an announcement from the makers about the making of the third season soon.

El Dragon season 3

El Dragon season 3

If Yes, When will it release?

Well, if the makers are planning on releasing another season of the show, maybe it should release by the end of 2020. Still, nothing can be said just yet as the production of the entire entertainment industry has been stopped right now due to the Covid -19 pandemic, and the world is just concentrating on healing right now and nothing else. So is a high chance that the next season will not be releasing soon enough. But you can always enjoy the first two seasons on Netflix whenever you require some entertainment and suspense. Also, we will surely update you as soon as there is any word about the release of the next season from any source.

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Who will be a part of the Show?

Since there is no confirmation regarding the release of the next season, so is the information about the performing Cast in the Show further. Even if it does, we can expect the same Cast to be playing their roles as of in the first and second season. Few of which could be the role of Miguel Garza played by Sabastian Rulli, Adela Cruz played by Renata Notni, Epigmenio Moncada played by Roberto Mateos, Jimena Ortiz played by Irina Baeva, Chisca Garza played by Cassandra Sánchez Navarro, Hector Bernal played by Manuel Balbi, Carlos Duarte played by Javier Gomez, Kenia played by Sofia Castro, Claudia played by Natasha Dominguez and Valentin Sori played by Ruben Sanz and other few similar characters.

Since the audience had loved the Cast for the characters they had played, we are hoping that they will continue to play their roles in the next season too. Also, we are expecting the series to be long enough and serve the audience with more than 35-40 episodes of entertainment, at least.

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What is the Storyline of the Show El Dragon?

The Show starts in Mexico, where a murder of three Roberto and Lucía Garza takes place who happens to be the main character Miguel’s parents. Keeping the situation in mind, Miguel is sent out of Mexico for his better education and change in environment so that he does not suffer any loss and become a successful businessman by his grandfather Lamberto Garza. His grandfather also sends his siblings to a boarding school in Mexico for education.

The story then leaps for 20 years, after which Miguel is shown as a successful and established businessman. Later he is called back to Mexico by his grandmother Dora as she informs him about his grandfather’s illness. Once he reaches Mexico, he is acknowledged about his grandfather’s health, and alongside the responsibilities, he has to take up the family business as he was the eldest amongst all.

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Miguel takes up his responsibilities and accepts his position in the company without any hesitation and leads the company despite being given the option to accept or not to accept the burden of running the company. And so on, the story of the sequel follows.

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Flames Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Crew and all other details




As all of you have watched the series flames season 2. The group producers of season 2 have chosen to make another spin-off, which will be known as Flames Season 3 of this web arrangement. Season 2 has gotten the job done correctly among all methods. Named apparently after the game pretty much every child in India played on the closing pages of the scratchpad, the show is absorbed wistfulness and the recollections of a former time. Season 2 of the show has quite recently arrived on the OTT space, and every one of the five scenes is at present spilling on the OTT stage MX Player, just as on the substance maker’s in-house computerized application, TVF Play. Also, no, it isn’t gushing on YouTube this time around, so don’t go searching for it there, people.

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Release Date

To all the fans of this particular series, we are happy to let you know that season 2 of Flames is just going to be as good and as soppy, sweet and syrupy just as season 1 which was its USP and still is. Even though the series is in the present occasions, it is a gesture to the delicate, actively engaging sort of adoration for the eighties and nineties. Indeed, even the title of the show–Flames–is a return to FLAMES, the captivating round of devotion, played by eighties’ children.

The individuals have profoundly foreseen season 3 of this web arrangement since they all have focused on the season first, and second, on the off chance that it goes to that, they all are enthusiastically sitting tight for this season 3.

Flames Season 3 Cast, Story and Plot

Since season 2 is a continuation from where season 1 had left off  Ishita (Tanya Maniktala) and  Rajat (Ritwik Sahore) two fantastic looked at young people who meet at an IIT entrance instructing class is unyieldingly drawn towards one another in the primary season.

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In season 2, they jump a step ahead and start dating each other. Be that as it may, dating, right now romantic tale, has distinctly unexpected undertones in comparison to your ordinary web arrangement of present occasions. Dating in this doesn’t mean overwhelming creation out meetings, longing for real delights and, error… .attaching with one another. Flares Season 3 will before long be uncovered for the current year.

For more updates about more movies and other shows keep reading and keep looking.

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